Speechie Parent Playbook – Phrase Builder


This includes one Speechie Parent Playbook – the Phrase Builder –  included is a home program that will last you over 10 weeks and will encourage your Phrase User to expand their vocabulary, combine short phrases and form sentences!
The phrase builder is for the child who:
  • May have only begun combining words into short phrases
  • Uses phrases with 2 or even 3 words.
  • Uses words & short phrases for multiple different reasons (e.g. commenting, requesting, describing, refusing etc)
  • Has a variety of words in their vocabulary (nouns, verbs, adjectives, locations).


The Phrase Builder is a transformative science-backed program designed to supercharge your child’s grammar and vocabulary over a minimum of 10 weeks! Get ready for engaging activities that will  encourage your child to combine words into short phrases and sentences.


With our program, you won’t have to second-guess which words are essential for phrase and sentence formation. We’ll equip you with the knowledge of precisely what words your child needs, increasing their likelihood of using phrases and sentences naturally.


Inside, you’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of the fundamental skills, expert strategies, and step-by-step activities (cleverly dubbed ‘recipes’) tailored to foster phrase and sentence use within your daily experiences and play time. By immersing these activities seamlessly into your routines, you’ll be building the solid foundation necessary for more complex expressive language in the future.



More of what’s included:

  • An evidence-based vocabulary and phrase building program that will last you at least 10 weeks.
  • 14 activities relating to your daily routine (think bath time, laundry and dressing).
  • 12 activities that utilise the most common toys or equipment found in any household.
  • 12 Practical and clinically proven language stimulation strategies you can incorporate into your everyday.
  • Activities tailored to your child’s communication stage.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to teach your child grammar & phrases, backed by research and clinical methodology.
  • Easy to read theory and information about language acquisition that will help you better understand your child’s reluctance to speak in phrases and sentences.
  • The list of “power” words your child needs to learn to combine into phrases first.
  • The list of secondary words your child needs to combine into phrases and sentences.
  • Troubleshooting ideas and key lookouts. Don’t worry, these are practical and simple!

Children with social interaction difficulties or diagnosed developmental delays/disorders – see the FAQ section here for more information 



Not sure which Speechie Parent Playbook is right for your child?

  • For the child who either has no words or uses less than 10 words, we would suggest the Imitation Builder and Vocab Builder.
  • For the child who has more than 50 words, and speaks at the single word level OR has just begin short 2-word phrases, we would suggest the Vocab Builder & Phrase Builder.
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