Speechie Parent Playbook – Imitation Builder


This includes one Speechie Parent Playbook – the Imitation Builder – included is a home program that will last you over 12 weeks and encourage your Engager to imitate actions, sounds and gestures.
The imitation builder is for the child who:
  • Communicates primarily non-verbally (may use up to 10 words that are clear or not clear).
  • Uses mainly gestures, sounds or eye gaze to communicate.
  • Has difficulty imitating actions, sounds and words.


The Imitation Builder is a transformative 12-week home program all done for you. Say goodbye to the guesswork as you’re guided through each step of your child’s imitation development. With just 10 minutes a day, you and your child will enjoy engaging activities tailored to achieve one specific goal each week


Inside, you’ll discover a comprehensive breakdown of the fundamental skills crucial for your child’s imitation development. Our step-by-step guide provides you with the tools and confidence needed to nurture their imitation abilities, setting the stage for learning words!


The Imitation Builder program is laser-focused on cultivating essential imitation skills, forming the building blocks for word acquisition. We provide you with science backed strategies and activities, cleverly dubbed “recipes,” that seamlessly integrate into your daily experiences and play with your little one!



The Imitation Builder includes:

  • An evidence-based imitation program that will last you at least 12 weeks, tailored to your child’s communication stage.
  • One single focused learning goal per week, making it achievable for a busy parent like you.
  • 6 weeks of activities relating to your daily routine (think bath time, laundry and dressing).
  • 6 weeks of activities that utilise the most common toys found in any household.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to teach your child imitation skills in a sequential manner, backed by research and clinical methodology.
  • Practical and clinically proven language stimulation strategies you can incorporate into your everyday.
  • Easy to read theory and information about language acquisition that will help you better understand your child’s reluctance to learn new words.
  • Troubleshooting ideas and key lookouts. Don’t worry, these are practical and simple!

Children with social interaction difficulties or diagnosed developmental delays/disorders – see the FAQ section here for more information 



More of what’s included:

  • A science backed home program specific to your child’s communication stage. Methodology based on current research evidence & clinical practice.
  • Over 10 weeks worth of activities and achievable developmental goals. Don’t worry, these are practical and simple and will last you 10-15 weeks.
  • Over 30 unique activitiesWith step-by-step instructions to intertwine in your daily routine
  • 2 essential learning videos sent to your inbox after purchase. See me, real mums & their child show you how!
  • Practical and clinically proven language stimulation strategies you can incorporate into your everyday. Fundamental skills all parents need to encourage language development.
  • The list of “power” words your child needs to learn first before anything else to equip them for phrases! Found in the Vocab and Phrase Builders
  • The Imitation Hierarchy that informs which imitation skills to teach first! Found in the Imitation Builder and a hierarchy that I follow in my clinical practice every week.
  • Troubleshooting ideas and key lookouts. Ways to encourage attention, tips on when and how to move to the next goal and much more!
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